How do we Respond to Mental Health within the Church?

To Commune “to come together” If you don”t know what to say, don’t say anything… What is Community? As a child I had the experience of watching my mother struggle with mental health issues after she gave birth to my sister. I won’t share all of her story because it is not my story to […]

Starting a Business In the Midst of Covid-19

by Geordy Murphy MA CCC Do I need to say anymore?   The difficulty it presents is far reaching as I attempt at connecting with others from a social distancing model and with the presence of fear, anxiety and isolation as indicators that you are “doing it for the greater good.” I am not against […]

Understanding Mental Illness and Trauma

I currently started a position working with youth who have been on the brink of homelessness and always have a heart for individuals who are homeless because I think about the parents of these individuals and the narratives of each one of them.  A quote from Bessel Van Der Kolk MD “how did an innocent […]