We have two counsellors currently to choose from to  do Individual and couples work for multiple different issues either in person or online and offer a free consult where we can see if we would be a good fit. 


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Employee Assistance Programs

We have a mini employee assistance program for business’s who are wanting to support their employees mental health. 

We also offer a program called Sanctuary which is a counselling, consulting and teaching plan for churches to support mental health within congregations. 

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Leadership Consulting

Leadership coaching and consulting for your business and/or organization. 

Coaching teams, organizations, and churches. 

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Holistic Health in One Place

Welcome to iMentalHealth Counselling Services. We would like to join you in your mental health journey. Throughout our work in Edmonton we have worked with numerous professionals who would agree that holistic health is important for people, yet mental health supports are often difficult to navigate.  We also found it is difficult for people to find access to supports without being sent to numerous different places. iMentalHealth was created to help people have access to a hub for professional support in one place. We want to treat the whole person, not just one element. We are made of of independent business owners who have a heart to reach the whole person. 

“We want to treat the whole person, not just one element”

– Geordy Murphy

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