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Welcome to iMentalHealth Counselling Services St. Albert. We would like to join you in your mental health journey. The primary vision and heartbeat behind the name of iMentalHealth is that the “i” stands for integrated. We are working towards being an integrated health centre.

Throughout our work in Edmonton and St. Albert we have worked with numerous professionals who would agree that holistic health is important for people, yet mental health supports are often difficult to navigate. We also found it is difficult for people to find access to supports without being sent to numerous different places. iMentalHealth was created to help people have access to a hub for professional support in one place. We see the importance of treating the whole person, not just one element meaning that we take into account your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and nutritional health. We are looking at creating a hub of professionals who have a heart for holistic health. Overall our passion is to see people understanding themselves better so that they can live according to their values and be free to be their authentic self.

What is a psychologist?

To be a Psychologist in Alberta you must be registered with the College of Alberta Psychologists. Psychologists in Alberta are regulated by the College to ensure that we are offering services to meet specific standards in order to provide effective services, education and support to the public. The colleges main role is to protect the public.

Do you seek counselling services in St. Albert?

Your mental health is critical to your overall health and wellness. At iMentalHealth Counselling Services, in St. Albert we provide individual counselling and couples counselling you may need to help you to live your best life.

Sometimes clients will come to us with a request for Christian based counselling and if this is something that is important to you, we can help to incorporate this into our approach. We want to give our clients the guidance they need to improve their lives and learn how to cope with the challenges they face daily, and that may involve the vital role of faith and spirituality. If incorporating a Christian perspective is important to you there is an option to request this in your consult or inquiry by email/phone. Whether you need assistance from a Psychologist, Social Worker, or simply need someone to talk to, we invite you to schedule a session with one of our experienced, compassionate professionals.

A variety of treatment options

We recognize the diverse needs and culture within St. Albert and want to come from a place of non judgment for wherever you are at in your journey. We recognize each individual we see has unique needs and is facing personal challenges that can affect their quality of life and mental health state. That’s why we pride ourselves on giving our clients a vast selection of options for counselling services to ensure everyone has access to the precise care they require. Our team can offer and not limited too:

Feel free to book in a specific category or book an Individual session and you will have the opportunity to specify the areas you would like to address in therapy.

Our psychologists in St. Albert are dedicated to giving everyone the personalized attention and guidance they deserve to help them feel more confident in their life choices and more equipped to overcome the challenges of daily life.

Our Core Values

When you turn to us for counselling services in St. Albert, we will make our best effort to ensure you are working with compassionate, empathetic professionals who want to help you succeed in life, no matter what comes your way. It is always important for us that you are getting the most out of your counselling sessions and this means that you feel it is a good fit with your therapist so that you can be supported in your journey in the best possible way.

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“We want to treat the whole
person, not just one element”

– Geordy Murphy


We want you to have a good
therapy experience

Many people have come to me saying that they have had a bad experience with psychologists and counsellors in the past, which is frustrating because it might make you hesitant about reaching out for help. The other thing to think about is that sometimes, there are therapists that you are just not going to click with and that is just the way things are.

If this is you, it may be helpful to have a consult over the phone to discuss what you are looking for, while also allowing you to ask questions. This is not a therapy session, but a chance to inquire and get a feel for the fit. I believe that a good relationship and authenticity are important in therapy, and would like you to have a better experience with us.

iMentalHealth Counselling Services in St. Albert proudly serves Veterans and Canadian Armed Forces members.