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What is Anger Counselling?

How does Anger Counselling work?​

Anger is not only something men deal with, but in our culture, it has been common that men have been taught to suppress other emotions and respond with anger. Anger is not always a bad thing; however, it is not healthy if you are not able to feel like you can express other emotions. Men get a bad reputation around anger, and I believe it is a result of how our culture has raised men and now there are a lot of negative messages towards men that do not necessarily help.

One of greatest lies spoken to men is that they are told not to feel and this will make them grow up; however, it is learning to feel emotions and having support from others that makes us grow up. It takes more courage to feel and be vulnerable than to keep it in and suppress it.

Geordy Murphy

Why consider anger counselling services?

We want to emphasize that working with men and anger is something we are passionate about and to recognize the importance of a healthy masculine identity, and maybe explore what that actual might look like. We do not want to use guilt or shame, but to have a real open dialogue about your experience as a man.

Why come for Counselling support for Anger?

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Anger Counselling

How can we Help with Anger?

Why work with a local
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At iMentalHealth Counselling we want to make our best effort to come from a place of non judgement, genuineness and unconditional positive regard. Working with a therapist on Anger will give you the tools necessary to get to the root of anger and learn how to recognize triggers and change your level of reactivity.

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