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How does Marriage counselling work?

iMentalhealth Counselling Services offers Marriage counselling in the City of Saint Albert, Alberta. We Also offer online appointments. 

Geordy works with couples in person and is Gottman level 2 trained. This is a structure of how sessions are generally set up; however, is not always the case. 

The main framework for marriage counselling the iMentalhealth uses is a Gottman approach which utilizes principles that are evidence based to help couples succeed. The few areas that we like to assess for in the first meetings are the strength of friendship, trust, commitment, conflict management, creating shared meaning and knowing and supporting each others dreams. 

Gina Senarighi

“Trustworthy relationships are built on a foundation of goodwill. Couples with solid trust are able to give each other the benefit of the doubt in conflict, and they weather conflicts more easily because of it.”

“Some people leave a marriage literally, by divorcing. Others do so by leading parallel lives together.”

Why consider marriage counselling services?

Many people find that it has helped them to cope with things temporarily or it helps them in some way; however, it is taking a toll on relationships, mental wellness, job performance, physical health. You may have family starting to get concerned, or maybe you are concerned about it. What may have started as a way to unwind or have fun, could potentially lead to your world becoming unmanageable.

Generally, with addictions we want to start with looking at how your thoughts, feelings and behavior are closely related. We want to help you develop strategies to identify triggers and develop new behaviors that will lead you towards the person you would like to be and create new habits.

We want to help you address the issues that you may not have dealt with over the years which could have led to addictions.

Addictions Counselling can use a few approaches, but the focus is on motivational interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral therapy and some therapists may use some body based approaches such as EMDR.

We are located at 200 Carnegie Drive, in Saint Albert, Alberta. We offer online and in person appointments.

Geordy is currently taking online and in person appointments with iMentalHealth.

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Marriage Counselling

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