Dealing With Trauma

iMentalhealth Counselling Services offers Individual counselling in the City of Saint Albert, Alberta and Edmonton area, with Registered Provisional Psychologist Geordy Murphy and Registered Social Worker Carson Ryner. 

Trauma is when an event or situation happens in our life that goes beyond the normal stressors of everyday life. With people who are dealing with trauma it can often be assumed that the normal capacity to cope is exhausted. With this we want to be careful in our approach with people. 

When we deal with trauma it is a careful process that we take in ensuring you are not opening up wounds that are going to retrigger and make you feel worse; however, counselling can often feel uncomfortable for people. 

Therefore, the first thing we want to do when dealing with trauma is to ensure safety and stability before we start talking about anything difficult. We want to help you feel resourced emotionally before you process any difficult trauma in you life. 

We may work on Breathing Techniques, Tapping, Visualization, reframing thoughts, and education around trauma and the brain. 

One treatment that we can use for trauma is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a body based approach that uses Bilateral Stimulation and works with the Adaptive information Processing system. 

You can watch more about it here. 

What is EMDR



We are located at 200 Carnegie Drive in Saint Albert, Alberta. We offer online and in person appointments. 

Carson Ryner is currently taking online appointments only as a contractor with iMentalHealth. 


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Carson Ryner
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Counselling Services Available

Individual Counseling

One on One support from a client centered perspective. Online or in person we work together to support you in meeting your goals. 

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Mens Counseling

Issues specific to men’s related concerns not limited to anger, anxiety, depression, relationship, self esteem, critical illness, pain.

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Couples Counseling

Couples work based on the Gottman Method to help couples identify areas of growth and tools for their relationship. 

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Communication Counseling 

Many couples would say that communication is the main issue in their relationship. We work alongside with tools for communication to dialogue about areas of perpetual disagreement. 

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Marriage / Relationship Counselling

Do you know that it takes a couple up to 7 years of having issues before seeking help? Come for a relationship checkup and learn skills to enhance your marriage or relationship. 

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Depression Counseling

Feeling low mood, lack of motivation, tired, and have suicidal thoughts? Let us join you in supporting you through this.

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Anxiety Counseling

Feeling a general feeling of unease in situations, heart racing, palms sweating, throat choking up, or have anxious thoughts about covid…?

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Trauma Counselling

Have you been dealing with the impacts of trauma in your life? EMDR is an evidence based approach that can be very effective in helping people recover….

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Addiction Counselling

Work with at therapist on substance use, behavioral or impulse control.. 

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Mediation Counseling

We have support available for separation/divorce mediation

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Psychosocial Assessment

We can provide you with a psychosocial assessment 

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Conflict Counselling

Did you know that 69% of conflicts are perpetual disagreements that do not have a solution. 

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