EMDR Therapy & Counselling

What is EMDR Therapy & Counselling?

How does EMDR counselling work?

iMentalHealth Counselling Services offers EMDR in the City of Saint Albert, Alberta and Edmonton areas. 

Have you thought to your self that life should be easier? Or you should be over a particular experience in your past, but it still is impacting you? 


EMDR may be your answer to finding relief

EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing and it can be effective in bringing relief to people who feel distress about the past, present or future concerns. A long story short is that we use eye movements along with a protocol for processing memories and from this it helps the brain to process them and put them back into your long term storage. People have found that these memories may be less distressing when then think about them, they are less triggered and can live their lives with new beliefs about themselves. Trauma is when an event or situation happens in our life that goes beyond the normal stressors of everyday life. With people who are dealing with trauma it can often be assumed that the normal capacity to cope is exhausted. With this we want to be careful in our approach with people.

We lead you through a protocol to help you address concerns, share your history and come up with a plan to then help you heal and find freedom from what you have been battling with. 

   This is a video with a peaceful place exercise at the end. It is a way of helping calm the nervous system

Why consider EMDR therapy & counselling services?

When we deal with trauma it is a careful process that we take in ensuring you are not opening up wounds that are going to retrigger and make you feel worse; however, counselling can often feel uncomfortable for people.

Therefore, the first thing we want to do when dealing with trauma is to ensure safety and stability before we start talking about anything difficult. We want to help you feel resourced emotionally before you process any difficult trauma in you life.

We may work on Breathing Techniques, Tapping, Visualization, reframing thoughts, and education around trauma and the brain.

One treatment that we can use for trauma is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a body based approach that uses Bilateral Stimulation and works with the Adaptive information Processing system.

You can watch more about EMDR here.

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EMDR Therapy & Counselling

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