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What is Addictions Counselling?​

How does addictions counselling work?

iMentalhealth Counselling Services offers Addictions counselling online.

Every Addiction is often an attempt at coping with something in your life. Something that I tend to ask people who are dealing with substance or behavioral addiction is, how is the drug or behavior helping you? It is not that the addiction is a positive thing; however, it is a temporary way of filling a need.

If you have gone to AA or NA it is usually common for them to say that “An Addicted Brain is a Changed Brain,” or “once and addict, always an addict.”

This is a difficult thing to hear, but is some evidence to support this. When we engage in harmful substances or destructive behaviors, we can impact the brain and body. The positive thing about the brain is that it has the ability to adapt and change. We have the ability to change our brains, which is something called neuroplasticity. However, it takes a ton of work and dedication. Some will say, “I am always an addict,” but they are able to remain sober after treatment.

Addictions can be in the form of video games, TV, exercise, food, sex, porn, music, work, substances. One of my favorite professionals Gabor Mate says that it is not the substance per say that you are addicted to but the chemical you get in your brain such as the Dopamine you get from the substance or behavior. rather than saying offers addictions counselling, at the moment it should say.

iMentalhealth Counselling Services does not currently have anyone who specializes in Addictions counselling but have a base knowledge that provides the ability to competently support you in your journey. If there are any issues that go beyond our competency we need to refer you to someone who can better support you.

Believe you can and you are halfway there.
“Problem talk creates problems, Solution talk creates solutions”

– Steve de Shazer

Theodore Roosevelt

Why consider addiction counselling services?

Many people find that it has helped them to cope with things temporarily or it helps them in some way; however, it is taking a toll on relationships, mental wellness, job performance, physical health. You may have family starting to get concerned, or maybe you are concerned about it. What may have started as a way to unwind or have fun, could potentially lead to your world becoming unmanageable.

Generally, with addictions we want to start with looking at how your thoughts, feelings and behavior are closely related. We want to help you develop strategies to identify triggers and develop new behaviors that will lead you towards the person you would like to be and create new habits.

We want to help you address the issues that you may not have dealt with over the years which could have led to addictions.

Addictions Counselling can use a few approaches, but the focus is on motivational interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral therapy and some therapists may use some body based approaches such as EMDR.

We are located at 200 Carnegie Drive, in Saint Albert, Alberta. We offer online and in person appointments.

Geordy is currently taking online and in person appointments with iMentalHealth.

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Addictions Counselling

A Few Signs you May be Suffering From Substance Use/Addictions

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