Relationship Counselling

What is Relationship Counselling?

How does Relationship Counselling work?​

At iMentalhealth Counselling Services in St. Albert we offer relationship counselling for all types of relationships. Whether that is relationships with your partner, friends, children or your pursuit of a relationship we want to help you with recognizing the keys for what makes relationships work and why…

Deep in your wounds are seeds, waiting to grow beautiful flowers.

Niti Majethia

Why Consider Relationship Counselling?

So why would you consider relationship counselling? In North America it tends to be predominately an individualistic perspective for how we perceive the world. Historically people came to North America to be a “self made men.” It is interesting that the formation of culture in North America was very individualistic that it may have lost the importance of community and the need for others.  We want you to consider the importance of healing and building healthy relationships. 

Why come for Counselling support for Relationships?

If you have noticed a pattern in your relationships, you are not alone; however, it may be time to start looking at the why and then the how do I change and move forward into new patterns?

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Relationship Counselling

How Can We Help With Relationships?

We offer one on one support to help you get to the root of what has impacted you in your relationships with others. We want to develop goals with you and whether that is to look at the past to see how it has formed the present, or looking solely on the future to help with principles that are going to help you in your relationships, we want to partner with you on the journey.

One of the important considerations when working with relationships is to look at our own attachment styles growing up and how that might impact us in adult relationships.

Areas that we support in relationship counselling is:

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