Faith Based Counselling

What Does Faith Based Counselling​​ Look like?

How does Faith Based Counselling work?

Throughout my journey reading through scripture there are numerous individuals that we read about who have been through a significant amount of turmoil in their lives and these are the ones that we learn from the most in scripture. These are the ones that went through insurmountable grief and distress. Regardless of your faith, it may be one of the cornerstones of your life that helps you stay grounded.

“Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.”

Victor Frankl

Why Consider Faith Based Counselling Services?

Victor Frankl emphasized the importance of hope while walking through struggles as he suffered and endured Aushwitz as a prisoner during the second world war. He indicated that his friend kept on having dreams that the war would end and this provided him hope. Unfortunately the date that he kept dreaming about passed and it left this man without hope and he passed away shortly after (Frankl, 1962).

It is often our inability to reconcile the ultimate questions of life that may cause us emotional distress and this may be where your faith in something greater than your self may come.

When people have difficulty with even asking difficult questions regarding suffering, loneliness, meaning, and purpose it can cause a type of anxiety that is neurotic and can make wreak havoc on our well-being.

If you are looking for a faith-based counselling approach, we would like to offer this at iMentalHealth Counselling.

Things to understand about a faith approach to therapeutic support:

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Faith Based Counselling

Why Come To A Psychologist Who Incorporates Faith?

How To Book Faith Based Counselling?

If you are wanting to incorporate faith based principles into your counselling, it is something that you can ask us about through reaching out by email or by phone cplease send us an email or when you book, specify that this is what you are interested in.

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