Jilynne Whittington

Gottman Relationship

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Jilynne Whittington

MA Registered Provisional Psychologist

Hello! I am Jilynne, a radically honest Provisional Psychologist who appreciates laughing and swearing (if you’re into that), while also being able to adjust to my clients as needed. 
My primary goal in the early stages of therapy is to create a space that feels incredibly safe for you. 

Many people feel stuck and don’t know how to move forward.  I can help you look at things from many perspectives (emotional wounds in childhood, harmful thinking patterns, major life changes, and more) so that you no longer feel at a crossroads in life.
I know that therapy can be scary and vulnerable, and taking this first step can be so overwhelming. Just know that I see you. Not only do I see the challenges that you face, but I see the strengths you already possess. Are you ready to take this journey with me?

I work with individuals (ages 14+) and couples. My special interests are anger, addiction, anxiety, relationship concerns, sexuality/intimacy concerns, and trauma. 

My email is Jilynne@imentalhealth.ca if you would like to inquire directly with me and my approach. 

Professional Membership:

Counselling services available

Mens Counselling

Issues specific to men’s related concerns

Individual Counselling

One on one support from a client centered perspective

Couples Counselling

Couples work based on the Gottman Method to help couples

Anxiety Counselling

Feeling a general feeling of unease in situations…

Marriage / Relationship Counselling

Do you know that it takes a couple up to 7 years of having issues before seek...

Communication Counselling

Many couples would say that communications the main issue in their relationship.

Depression Counselling

Feeling low mood, lack of motivation, tired, and have suicidal thoughts? Let us join you in supporting...

Trauma Counselling

Have you been dealing with the impacts of trauma in your life? EMDR is an evidence based approach...

Addiction Counselling

Work with at therapist on substance use, behavioral or impulse control..

Conflict Counselling

Did you know that 69% of conflicts are perpetual disagreements that do not have a solution.

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