Christian Counselling

What is Christian Counselling?​

If you are looking for a Christian counselling approach, we would like to offer this at iMentalhHealth counselling.

Things to understand about a Christian approach to therapeutic support:

Throughout my journey reading through scripture there are numerous individuals that we read about who have been through a significant amount of turmoil in their lives and these are the ones that we learn from the most in scripture. These are the ones that went through insurmountable grief and distress.  Often we focus on the story of hope afterwards, but don’t focus as much on the grief and pain that they suffered.  

“Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus”

Phil 1:6

From a Christian approach to Psychology we like to combine what we know about scripture with what we know about how the brain works, functions and how God has wired us psychologically.

Why come to a psychologist as a Christian?

  1. Knowledge base – there are things that are helpful to not only understand the spiritual aspect but also the psychological aspect of an issue and to have someone help to marry these two concepts can give a unique perspective you may not see in a church context.
  2. Self Reflection – To have someone who understands the spiritual and psychological elements.
  3. Values – A therapist with similar values can impact your willingness to work with someone on a continuous basis.
  4. Ask Questions – Having the space to ask hard questions about life and God and be able to hash these out can be therapeutic. Sometimes we are not given the opportunity to ask questions in church.

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Christian Counselling

How to book a session for Christian counselling?

If you are wanting a session with a Christian counsellor, please send us an email or when you book, specify that this is what you are interested in. You can book an individual session and clarify in your intake forms. 

Why work with a local
St. Albert / Edmonton Christian Counsellor?

Being able to come to someone who has similar values in regards to faith can be vital in seeking support because there may be things that you are looking for validation for that your Psychologist may be able to understand from a Christian worldview. Sometimes having the support of your pastor is not adequate in order to deal with the psychological issues that you may be experiencing. We want to support and come along side you in your journey, and if that means collaborating with your spiritual leader, this is something that we can do with your permission.

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